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Commission Information

My personal life...

Well, here' the deal on the whole shebang...

I was laid off while on Maternity leave and now find myself jobless. At first I thought, this might not be so bad! I could maybe just get on unemployment for a while and raise my daughter and maybe get on one of those "educational course" to get a better job. Sadly, apparently because I used certain privileges while I was pregnant I became ineligible for those benefits even IF I was laid off. So now, I need to find another job and it breaks my heart to leave my daughter and start chasing after work.

Worse yet, because of the fact that I just don't know what to do with my life anymore.

Commissions for a new purpose...

So, with my lack of income, my commissions are starting to take new shape in a possibly different direction.
While they will be used as additional income for me and my family, I'm thinking that maybe it's time to upgrade my art skills and one way to do that is new equipment and more new drawing programs. I've always (for every type of art) used the cheapest means available to me. I've had old versions of drawing programs, my tablet is 6 years old (the nib to my first pen is a square) used cheap materials for traditional art but have seen decent results with that.

Imagine if I had high quality materials and equipment?

A friend of mine has proposed the possibility of funding the publishing and printing of a comic series project of mine I started a long time ago. If you're not aware, I've made 200 pages of an OLD comic that was based off the Gaia Online universe and the avatars found in it:

Half Chibis by BOWBSManga

I started this waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 2006 and I have most of the story figured out. It's sort of a comedy-slice of life comic and it was fun because I included people on Gaia with their avatars and placed them into the plot of the story. I was featured BY Gaia once and got a following for a little while. Sadly, I was not getting as much out of the series as I did in the past and wanted to try new things so I went on hiatus. That was about 3 years ago (feels longer though!) and in the mean time I made other comics like my Ronin Ryousuke series.

Ronin Ryousuke: Ronin Ryousuke: Ch 0.1 by BurningArtist SDL Intro: p01 by BurningArtist (this also has a plot that I pretty much worked out)

Now, back then, I was never thinking of printing the BOWBS Comic so the quality of the pages, the file sizes and even the format of the pages are all wrong for printing.
With this proposal well in mind, I'd need to redo pretty much ALL of the pages so it can be of a decent quality for printing. I'd also need to think about things like, bleed, file types, better font styles & toning which I didn't do in the past. I also would like to improve my sense of paneling. Not to mention, all the lines were done by hand so it involved sketching, inking & editing on the computer, a process that used to take me forever and only allowed me to post 1 page per week. Also, maybe more recently then over the course of years, my anatomy has gotten better and I think I'm starting to break out into more dynamic territory. Even while in the making of the pages, you can really see a difference.

BOWBS first page: Chapter 1 page 01 by BOWBSManga one of the pages from the last chapter: Chapter 8 page 185 by BOWBSManga

So, I think redoing this comic might be very interesting to remake will these things in mind.

I'd like to know what you guys think though.
  • Would it be worth it to redo this comic or am I better off trying to start fresh with a new story?
Look below to see other stories...

My other comic ideas

If I were to try to make a comic, I have other stories I've invested lots of thought into.
Tell me what you think of them:

  • Ronin Ryousuke  Ronin Ryousuke: Ch 0.1 by BurningArtist

    • (which would attach itself to Shou's story)
  • Love Letters LL Cover "Romantic Version" by BurningArtist

    • (My shoujo comic idea. Part romance, part coming of age)
  • The Montague Boys The Montague Boys Logo by BurningArtist

    • (New take and spin off Romeo and Juliet. Story happens 1 year before the events of the play)

And I even have 2 stories with no art made yet.

  • But which do you find the most interesting out of these 3 (+ the bowbs one)?


With my friends help I know I can publish something but this will all take time. I'm unemployed at the moment but I will need to find a job to help support my family and sadly, sequential art will involve TIME. My Mother-in-law is practically DYING to start taking care of my daughter but with me unemployed, that does put a stop to her being "needed" vs me having my daughter spend the way with her when I want to be nice/want a break. If I do allow her to take care of Elizabeth 2 to 3 times a week, that will free up some time for me to draw. However, this still isn't much of an income with a mortgage and family.

I've seen sites like Kickstarter and Patreon used for projects and I wonder if I have enough interest to even start an account.

  • Do you think I might be able to work something out with that?

I have tons of other projects I'd love to make a reality but it's that precious time and lack of income that's stopping me... What do you think?
Also... on a different note....

About this adoptable thing...

What exactly is that?

I know it sounds lame but I'm not 100% sure of what it implies? From what I've gathered, it seems to be the selling of pre-made art. Am I right? As in, we make a character and people buy it and then they can do whatever they want with it? Like give them a name, backstory, etc? I just want to be sure I'm getting this right. I've seen adoptables that are 100% completed, others that don't have color pallets and then they get colored via the request of the buyer. I've also seen "fashion adoptables" which are clothes but I just want to be sure I understand the concept.

  • Bonus Question: How much do you think an Adoptable from me would be worth for art like this: KHOC: Moogle Girl by BurningArtist

Why does no one commission me? (comment if not in answers) 

33 deviants said Because I'm broke.
8 deviants said I dunno, bad luck maybe?
4 deviants said Because I'm an artist myself and don't commission others.
2 deviants said Because I can't pay in cash, only points
1 deviant said Because your prices don't match your art quality. (too high)
1 deviant said Because your art isn't good enough to commission
No deviants said Because I'm wating for better deals.


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