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Commissions & thanks!

Last year I did more commissions than I ever have so thank you SO MUCH for all the people that wanted art from me!!! You have allowed to me to do little things here and there including pay for things for my daughter & even let me do a few renovations in my house! (Your commissions allowed my to buy paint for my hall! :heart: now it's the color I always wanted for it!) After losing my job last year I'm happy that I had a small cushion to fall on when I really needed it. You don't know how much it means to me that you actively want me to draw your beloved characters and I promise, I always do it with care & love. <3

For those poor souls waiting for me, I have promised myself that before I start up any new personal work, you will have your art! I needed that hiatus in December for my SDL comic which you can find here (that will slowly be updated throughout the year until it is fully inked & toned):
SDL: Final Roulette: Page 1 by BurningArtist

With that & the holidays behind me, I can really clean up my commission list start new personal things...

BA's old projects revival!

Now, for those of you that don't know, I have a LOT of stories and I mean A LOT...
Most of which I have carried for close to 10 years. I'm not a person who lets go of things and I have them constantly stewing in my brain, fermenting until they at peek perfection.
In a way, I've been sort of waiting for my art skills to catch up to my vision of what I want from these stories. A LOT of these stories I would like to put into comic form but I know that that's no easy task. I'm still not super comfortable at paneling and I think my art still needs to improve before I can truly boast that it's worthy of being anywhere near professional.

However, last year I felt that I finally got a bit of a boost.

This more notable improvement makes me want to tackle my old projects that I felt insecure trying out because I felt I lacked skill.
My willingness to experiment with just art in general & my lack of of a traditional job seems to have allowed me a bit of freedom and I think I can improve even further if I push myself. Here are the stories I feel more confident tackling that have been dormant for a few years (Skip past the "quote" if you're not interested in my old projects.)


  • LL Cover "Romantic Version" by BurningArtist Love Letters
  •  Love Letter is my most shoujo story and for those that nave noticed in my comic style, I tend to favor the shoujo style. I don't use heavy lines or solid shadows and my abuse of mood toning is really apparent! I don't want this to define me but this is my default style. I'm a hard-core sappy romantic. The funniest part is that this is BA on the inside. lol On the outside, I'm hardly like that & even my art doesn't have THAT many love themes (except anything RyouXKidami). I'm not even that feminine but when I read or watch TV I'm swallowed up by romance. XD The irony of this comic is that it's more coming of age/friendships rather that a pure love story, still my premise is kinda fun and I think I'd like to realize this within 3 to 4 volumes which have about 200 pages.

    • Story:
      • We begin our story in the final quarter of the high school year. Kisa Yamamoto is a content 2nd year high school student who's normally quite happy and cheerful most of the year round. However, regardless of her popularity, the day that most girls love, leaves a biter after-taste in her mouth. Valentine's day, might as well not exist in Kisa's eyes.

        Kisa has never been one to really care about boys and in junior high, she let everyone know about it. You see, her birthday is on Valentine's day and so she always felt like that holiday overshadowed her one special day of the year. Whenever she wanted to go out on that day, her friends would often be too busy with their boyfriends to celebrate. So Kisa made it clear to everyone in her second year of junior high that she does NOT celebrate that day EVER and that this also applied to St-White's day. That's when the boys stopped coming and any letters came to a halt. Kisa, was pretty happy about it.

        However the last St-White's Day she would celebrate in highschool would lead her to face Valentine's Day in a new way... On this St-White's, Kisa went about her business and found not one but two love letters in her locker. One letter was crimson red while the other was a opalescent white. She had not gotten any letters for so long that Kisa was actually a bit curious to see who actually decide to send them, even if it meant an instant rejection. So, she opened them to find that they were both anonymous but both ironically asked to meet her after school in front of the school fountain out back. With both letters not having a name, Kisa figured that maybe this was a prank by her friends and decided to go see what they were plotting.

        When Kisa made it there however at the right time, she found another letter pinned onto the wall behind the fountain. It read:

        Dear Yamamoto-san, we are now aware that you have received 2 letters from 2 different boys and since none of us wants to back down from this, we've decided to keep writing letters to you. The only way the other is going to back down is when you choose which one of us you want to meet with. Then we'll reveal ourselves to you. We'll be dropping letters to you in different ways, just know that one boy's letter will be red, while the other white. When you have chosen one of us, pick an envelop of the proper color and leave on the fountain. The deadline will be on Valentine's Day next year.
        Red & White

        Kisa's yes rolled back. She didn't want any of this and there was no way for her to get into contact with these boys since she didn't know their names. Kisa could only hope that they'd forget about this once the year ended, sadly, that would be far from the truth. And so begins a circle of correspondences going on between Kisa & the mystery boys but boys will be boys and although they honor their promise to not reveal themselves, it doesn't mean they can't persuade her as "just friends" to chose the right letter...

        Here is the link for the gallery:…

  • The Montague Boys Logo by BurningArtist The Montague boys
  • When I was younger I LOVED the 1997 movie adaption with Leonardo DiCaprio & Claire Danes of Shekespeare's Romeo & Juliet. I liked the idea of modernization & making the story relate more on a contemporary setting. So for fun I drew my version of Romeo many many years ago & equipped him with guns instead of swords & credit cards instead of gold. I think this would be a more fun project for me to work on since it's my spin on a part of the story not told by anyone since it happens 1 year before the play. I'd like to show how Romeo becomes obsessed with Rosaline & maybe shed true light on how the feud actually started & why it's still going on. Also, I always felt that a lot of characters were very much overlooked in the play (Did you know that Mercutio had a brother named Valentino? I'll bet you didn't!) and I'd like to flesh them out in my way.

    • Story:
      • The premise of the story is that this all happens 1 year before the events of the original play. Starting off with a annoyed Romeo who's suffocating in the hold of his father. Rebelliously, he manages to escape his gilded cage & take shelter in the streets of Verona & in the home of his best friend Mercutio who's staying at one of his family hotels. Meanwhile, Juliet also seeks escape and instead of just running away (like Romeo did), she used a clever ruse so that her family wouldn't find out of her departure. She was supposed to be sent off to her Aunt's in Naples but luckily, the old woman had not seen her in ages & was nearly blind. She switches places with her chambermaid, steals a page's clothes and runs off to freedom. However, one fatal flaw foils her plans. She was supposed to bring with her her family crest to ensure her return by convincing the guards that she was a servant of the house but Juliet forgets it and is denied access unless she reveals her identity. She heads back into Verona to find some place to stay & encounters Romeo when a small fight breaks out. He protects her and tells her to escape since "this is no place for a girl to be around." Juliet isn't scared & replies to him that she isn't a girl but a young boy instead (she is wearing boy clothes). He's shocked by this but has no time to take it in as he escapes with her to Mercutio's...

        There's a lot more but there's sooo much detail I can't really get into. lol This is just how, more or less, the story starts.
        Here is the link for the gallery:…

  • Folding time: Past and Present by BurningArtist Ronin Ryousuke/Shou Akihara (no working name)
  • This has already started but it's one of the things I want to finish the MOST. At first I felt like I needed to wait for Ryou to be done to get into Shou but I've been rethinking this lately and I wonder if I couldn't try doing both. Of course, this would involve some careful weaving of story elements but I think I could pull it off. Still, this is an ambitious project and if I can't do this, I'd be happy just finishing Ryou's stories. You guys probably have some idea of the premise but in case you don't:

    • Story:
      • Ryousuke: Ryousuke is the son of a former Shogun turned Daimyo. After being kidnapped as a child and having his wrists broken by the men who took him, Ryou's father believed that the boy needed to find a way to protect himself. And so, he had asked a master to train his son to developed a new style for the boy to use. As time passed, Ryou's wrist healed slightly but he could never again lock them in place to use any styles that would require a full size katana. The "Tekubi Yaiba Ken Ryu" allowed Ryou to still wield swords in a way that didn't show too much of the boy's weakness and made use of his strength and agility. Now wandering the world to master this technique, to discover the identity of his kidnappers and find a girl who was imprisoned with him, Ryou (with his father's send off) has 2 years to test his style against others and learn what is is to be a real man and warrior.

      • Shou Akihara: Shou is your typical teenager with your typical problems... except when his father seems to be targeted at work. Not knowing how else to handle the situation, he takes on the tasks asked of his dad. Having been passed down a hidden sword technique by his mother's ancestry (Ryousuke's line), he now has to do the unspeakable or his father will have to pay the price.

        Here is the link for the gallery:…

New project

I have some video projects I'd like to finish as well but that's for another journal. :3
My question is, do any of these interest you & would you be looking forward to them?

Going on to something different I realize how SLIM my gallery is when it comes to fanart. Though I did say I want to draw more fan-art in the past, I guess I always went more the fan-OCs route (as always) so, to be 100% sure I don't stray, I thought up another project that will have me doing 1 per month or 1 per 2 months (depending on how my life goes). For a little while now I've been going back to a first love of mine: Superhero comics. I was ALWAYS a Marvel girl until I recently got engrossed into DC movies, TV shows & the like and decided to start reading DC comics with my husband. I wanted to take a character that wasn't too weaved into too many stories and started out with Nightwing new 52. Reading this made me think: Wow, a side from his inner monologues, Nightwing REALLY makes me think of Spiderman... and then I wondered, would Nightwing and Spiderman get along? And this got me thinking about other Marvel/DC teamups, not in terms of powers but in terms of PERSONALITIES. And then the idea hit me. I now know enough about both to pair together characters that would REALLY be AWESOME friends... and then this project came to me:

Project: :superman:Super-friends Assemble.:superman:

The premise is pretty simple: Take 1 Marvel & 1 DC character and show them having a great time together!
LOL! No, who can beat who in a fight. No Marvel to DC equivalent. Nothing involving characters being against eachother. Just characters who share both similarities in personalities, values and the capacity to relate to eachother. Also, would they have a fun time hanging out? It would be an illustration of them together, chilling, patrolling, relaxing or having discussions they would probably only be able to have with eachother. It sounds like this would be a piece of cake but like I said, I'd be matching the people they ARE MORE than the abilities they have. Some are very: "Well, DUH." while other you might not have thought about. Also, I would place their stats & what makes them so relatable to eachother.

So what do you think? You guys are VERY used to seeing my Anime style. Want to see the style I first started drawing in? (A side from Disney style)
Tell me if you're curious!

Why does no one commission me? (comment if not in answers) 

38 deviants said Because I'm broke.
10 deviants said I dunno, bad luck maybe?
4 deviants said Because I can't pay in cash, only points
4 deviants said Because I'm an artist myself and don't commission others.
1 deviant said Because your prices don't match your art quality. (too high)
1 deviant said Because your art isn't good enough to commission
No deviants said Because I'm wating for better deals.


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