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8 facts about your OC

Sat Jun 25, 2016, 6:25 PM
I was tagged by :iconfluoroid: for this fun little exercise!
For any long time viewers, the person I chose for this OC 8 things, should not be a surprise...

Rules:  Post a picture along with eight facts about an OC, tagging eight people afterwards.

8 things you didn't know about...

 Ryousuke Second Beauty Shot by BurningArtist Ryousuke Ref Sheet by BurningArtist

Ryousuke Kamon.

1. Ryousuke pretty much embodies the kind of person I would like to be:

Ryou's gentleness, patience, bravery, selflessness are traits that I wish that dominated my personality. I'm not a totally evil person but the personality that Ryou has is what I deem to be the most attractive. I can be extremely selfish sometimes and more than anything else, I'm quite a coward when faced with challenges in my life. I also have a temper that's explosive and that I almost instantly regret after it goes off. Ryou's steady nature is my inner desire and if I can't be this way in real life, then I'll be like this through him. You can call him a Gary-stu if you want but that's also the reason why drawing him is a form of therapy for me. It's like, seeing him succeed in his missions, come to grips with his demons & fight for his dreams make me feel like I've succeeded in something too. Ryou isn't perfect either & his flaws are ones that hinder his path but *spoiler alert* those flaws are the ones that hinder me in my path too and I guess I'd like to see the avatar of my self improvement go through them to see how I'd theoretically go through them. That's my cowardice seeping through but I don't care. He's there for me in ways that no one can ever be.

2. Ryousuke was created to fangirl/boy over someone else's Oc.

Yup! Lame right? He was not a brain child of creativity or some image spirited to me by the muses... he was because I feel in love with another person's Oc.
It's been so long that I don't even remember how I came to find her on DA but I started reading the comics of :iconkidoairaku: (Kidoairaku) and fell in love with her OC Kidami.

SDL:Kidami by kidoairaku <-- the bae.

Like, I dunno. I just literally fell in love with her. She was very cool and strong and the comics were interesting and well done. Like, it's as if I had a crush on a real person. So I started commenting on her comics and she (by the good graced of her kindness) started talking to me and then I made up Ryou and joked about how he'd go to see all of Kidami's battles in the old DA group :iconroninsultramix: and that he's just sit in the crowd with little hearts in his eyes. lol. Eventually, Kido convinced me to flesh him out and enter him in the group and I started the comic. We plotted a way for them to be connected and I started to grow into him own character with a backstory. As time went by I kept him dear to me but I also could not separate him from his original reason of being... to be in love with Kidami. :heart:

Ryousuke and Kidami: Stay by BurningArtist

3.I have contingency plans for how his romantic life ends up..

Like Batman, I plan for every possible outcome. Right now, Ryou is in a one sided love. I have about 4 different endings for how his romantic life ends. This trickling all the way down to his descendants and even how he dies.
I won't say much about this but let's just say I know what his children will look like and how many they are if he and Kidami will get married. I know what will happen if he goes back home without her. I know how his late years will end depending on all those scenarios... I'm the fricken's Nostradamus of this guy.

GiftArt: Kido LATE Bday Presie by BurningArtist

4. Ryou is my ONLY handicapped character.

One thing that defines Ryousuke is his disability. He has injuries to his wrists that force him to have a new sword style created for him so he can fight. I have an evenish amount of male and female Ocs but I realized a few months ago how little diversity I have with a lot of other traits including race, sexuality, etc. Makes me feel a bit sad but I think it also makes Ryou a bit special and also why I admire his bravery.

5. I have 2 AUs & 1 descendant AU  story line for Ryou.

What? Obsessed? I'm not obsessed you are! Yes, Ryousuke lives in modern times in 2 different ways.
The first is a one shot story I have not really planned on turning into a comic but it would be an easy one to do where he is a mad scientist and "accidentally' created Zombies. He Quarantined the hospital and put it on lockdown and now, he must fight his way through them to find a cure!

This is Doctor Ryou & 1 of his Zombie nurses:
SDL H2012: The Doctor is in by BurningArtist Halloween is coming: Dr Ryou by BurningArtist SDL H2012: Nurse Eunjoo by BurningArtist

The other Modern AU Scenario is that he is reincarnated in the same era as one of his descendants:
Ryousuke modern AU and Shou by BurningArtist ---> Ryou's 2010s descendant Shou Akihara & his sister Hanako: Shou Akihara: Descendant by BurningArtist Hanako Akihara: Imouto by BurningArtist

Last but not least is an AU that's not mine but part of Kidoairaku's Hitman AU, where Ryou is a bartender/hitman: Let's go Hitman!SDL by kidoairaku

6. After all this time, I still want to finish this series.

Ryou's series have taken more hiatuses than I can count but I've still scribbled on scraps of paper layouts for future pages. Sadly, this disconnect between making pages consistently & starting them up again have sort started to show in "style changes" & improvements in different areas. While that's not a bad thing, for the sake of consistency, I'd have rather my style to evolve over the course of making the pages rather than this. I want to complete this circle. I want to have comics I can hold in my hands. I want to see the completion of Ryou's story so I can eventually move on to Shou (which I have scribbled pages too). I've poured so much into this character, not working on this does feel a bit defeating but life happens too. I got a baby almost 3 year ago and all that has slowed me to down a lot but I'm too stubborn to stop so this is really the best I can do. I used to do this for others but I think in the end, I'll just be doing this for me.

7. Ryousuke's mother is hilarious, Ryousuke's father is kind.

Okay, let's move away from me a bit and go into the character. lol
Although we only see Ryou's mom in his origin story pages, she appears to be an elegant, lovely, highborn but she is not. She's a commoner and although in that scene she is comforting & informing Ryousuke about his lineage & the dangers of him being recognized as the Daimyo's son, her real nature is more teasing and fox-like. Ryou's father did not grow up in luxury either but his appearance is pretty on the nose. Mostly stoic and stern he also harbors a kindness that Ryou inherited and is surprisingly very supportive of his son. I have plotted to do a side story of how they met in the past and if I can find the strength of will to continue this project, I think a 20ish page mini comic will happen eventually.

Ronin Ryousuke: Ch 0.1 p5 by BurningArtist

8. One of my silent wishes is to reunite (SDL) :iconroninsultramix:

The place that grew Ryou is also a place where I met many talented and wonderful people. Almost all of them have left DA and I would love to have a reason to get them back together again. Because of my stupid procrastination and my inability to complete things, I feel like I would like nothing more than to make more stories with them in them again. Some I never had the chance to have Ryou officially meet in my run and others, I'd like to make team up with to have more stories or adventures. I feel so sad to have come into this family too late and feel like if I could, I'd be more than thrilled to create some glorious, wonderful, multi-artist collaboration. Something to fill that hole that I felt I left incomplete. Anyways, who knows. Maybe I'll meet up with some of them yet again. :)

Jeebus... this was more: "8 things you didn't know about Ryou" rather than 8 facts but whatever. lol

Tag! You're it! 

:iconinfinite-stardust: :iconjujupancakes: :iconryuuen::iconapril-lily: :iconeuclidstriangle: :iconkidoairaku: :iconsilentj75: :iconNienna-Wolfenhearts:


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